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Monday, March 16- Wednesday, March 18, 2020:  Retina

Thursday, March 19- Friday, March 20, 2020: Cataract/Refractive & MIGS

Course Hours: Daily 7:45 am - 9 am & 4:30 pm - 6:45 pm

2020 Agenda

Retina Subspecialty Symposium

CRVO: Top Lessons Learned from SCORE2 and LEAVO, Donald Gass Lecture by Michael Ip, MD 


Nonneovascular AMD with Fluid: Mechanisms of Fluid Accumulation in "Dry" AMD, Edward Norton Lecture by David Sarraf, MD

The AMD Spectrum—Spaide (this was the Doyne Medal lecture at Oxford this summer)

Retinal Vascular Disease Panel

AMD Panel


             Imaging the Choriocapillaris with OCT Angiography

             Choroidal Imaging in Uveitis
             Short talks: Biomarkers in AMD,  Anti-VEGF Dosing


             Utility of Ultra Widefield Imaging 

             Treatment of NPDR: Is it Time Yet?

             Diabetic Retinopathy Severity Staging - Is It Time To Develop A New                                       Classification Scheme?



             What's new from the DRCR Retina Network- DME

             What's new from the DRCR Retina Network--PDR

             Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy for Clinicians and Clinical Trials



              Pentosan Maculopathy: Incidence, Screening Guidelines and Spectrum of                              Findings

              Pathoanatomical Considerations of the Muller Cell Cone: Insights with Cross                        Sectional and En Face OCT

              A New Biomarker of Ischemia In CRVO and Understanding the Arrangement of                    the Retinal Capillary Plexus



              Iodine and Ophthalmology: How to Handle Patients with “Allergies”

              Oral Therapy for Neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration: Is This                              Possible?

              Very Frequent Treatment of Chorioretinal Vascular Diseases: Does This work?



             The Genetics of AMD


             Anti-VEGF Drug Serum Levels & VEGF Levels


             Artificial Intelligence In Clinical Research On Retinal Diseases.





Owens and Shuren

             Private Equity in Retina & Ophthalmology 

Cataract Refractive Subspecialty Symposium

Antimicrobial Prophylaxis in Cataract Surgery: Mission Impossible?    Charles Kelman Lecture by Terrence O’Brien, MD


Optimizing Outcomes In Cataract Surgery: Co-morbidities, Challenges & Controversies.   Sir Harold Ridley lecture by Kendall Donaldson, MD 



O’Brien, Donaldson


Detecting Ocular Surface Diseases and Optimization Prior To Cataract Surgery for Optimal Outcomes


Femto-Fever: Fleeting Delirium or Permanent Paradigm Shift in Cataract Surgery?

Femto Pearls and Pitfalls

Complex Astigmatism Cases & Their Management


Preventing Multifocal IOL problems
Managing the Dissatisfied Premium Patient

Preventing CME


Legal Aspects of Premium Cataract Surgery Co-Management—Owens & Shuren


Glaucoma/MIGS Subspecialty Symposium & Wet Lab - Cantor, Frenkel, Stamper, Vold

Paradigm Changes in the Management of Glaucoma—David Epstein Lecture by Steven Vold, MD

MIGS: Where Are We Now? Vold

Patient Selection for MIGS, LIGS, & Other Glaucoma Procedures—Cantor

New Medications In Glaucoma – A Real World Experience-- Stamper

Anti-VEGF Drugs & IOP—Frenkel

New Information on Laser Trabeculoplasty & Laser Iridotomy (15 min)—Stamper

OCT Interpretation in Glaucoma—Cantor

Challenging Conventional Thinking on Refractive Corneal and Lens Based Surgery in the Glaucoma Patient—Vold

MIGS Wetlab

** Program SubjectTo Change**